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    Up Here Business Issue No. 2

    Nicole Mitchell and Zach Biggar have turned bagels into a business

    Nicole Mitchell and Zach Biggar both work full-time jobs. They also run?a home-based business, making and selling fresh bagels. It takes a bit of?juggling, but the side hustle is paying off in more ways than they expected.

    Photo by Aaron Tambour

    Up Here Business Issue No. 2

    Sold sign

    Real estate markets are hot, with demand outstripping supply in major centres. A se study from Yellowknife shows just how complited the situation—and its solutionsn be.

    Photo and Story by Bill Braden

    Up Here Business Issue No. 2

    Narwhal swimming underwater

    Inuvik is home to a new country-food processing plant for Inuvialuit communities. The goal? To create jobs and training opportunities, and to restore traditions that will increase food security. The business may not be about profit, but it’s creating value—one link of beluga sausage at a time.

    Adobe Stock Photo

    Up Here Business Issue No. 2

    Chris Shaver and Nicolinea Minakis post with micro greens

    Chris Shaver and Nicolinea Minakis have a new take on what it means to run a small business: they’re growing microgreens from a home-based?vertil farm. Their company, Northern Greens, is taking root.

    Photo by Marilyn Marshall